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Best dumbells for jocks

If you want to do strength training or maintain your strength. You can get a pair of AmazonBasics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell from Amazon. Click on the picture above to buy them.

These dumbbells work for resistance training which is great for arms, chest, back, core, and legs.

They have a solid cast-iron core for reliable strength; will not bend or break after repeated use.

To help prevent the dumbells from rolling they have hxagon-shaped rubber-encased ends. This also promotes stay-in-place storage.

To ensure a secure and comfortable grip the dumbells have a ontoured, textured, chrome handle.

It's possible to choose the weight that you want on Amazon. They're sold separately so you may want to order two; one for each hand. They come with a limited one year warranty.

Three ways to use dumbells to improve your forearms and biceps

Get in a chair that can naturally lean back to 45 degrees such as a lazy boy. Place your arms down the side and wherever they naturally fall will be your starting position. Take one second to bend your arms then take three seconds to lower them back down.

The second way starts you off with standing up right with your arms by your side. Ensure that your palms are facing each other and bend your arms up and down.

The third way puts a twist on the method above. When your arms get to the top you rotate you hands so they face down. You put your hands back in the original position when they reach the bottom.

Click here to order dumbells from Amazon.

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